Newsletters inform the university system on various developments at Universities South Africa within the context of the organisation’s strategic priorities and also on topical issues facing South African universities

Universities South Africa Quarterly, as the name implies, is a quarterly electronic publication. In it we inform the sector on the latest Board decisions, developments in the policy environment, outcomes of sector support initiatives such as capacity development; research studies or any other project or development of interest to the university sector.

Universities SA Quarterly

Vol 2 Edition 2, Dec 2015

In line with the name change in July 2015, the former HESA Quarterly also changed names to Universities SA Quarterly.

HESA Quarterly

Volume 2

The first edition in 2015 ushered in changes at HESA within the context of the new Strategic Framework, 2015-2019.

HESA Quarterly

Volume 1

During its inaugural year in 2014, two editions of the Universities South Africa Quarterly were published


Issue 3 September 2011

In this edition of the HESA newsletter, we interrogate the challenges relating to admissions and the historical and conjectural contexts that have given rise to these challenges.


Issue 2 April 2010

This edition of Insight is dedicated to transformation issues within higher education. It is intended as an opportunity for Vice-Chancellors to reflect on this vexing question and to propose practical solutions that are currently being employed on campuses around the country.


Issue 1 October 2009

This inaugural issue of Insight contains the executive summary of the HESA Strategic Framework entitled Pathways to a Diverse and Effective South African Higher Education System and a selection of the letters from Vice-Chancellors who represent the diversity of our higher education system.