Communities of Practice

Finance Executives’ Forum (FEF)

The Finance Executive Forum is a community of practice within USAf, whose objective is to promote adequate financial practice in South African higher education. Amongst its functions, FEF seeks to encourage debate on national financial initiatives and issues. Another one is to facilitate alignment on policy and practices in response to national and international accounting standards. Also, to promote the development of financial expertise within South African higher education institutions.

Through collaborative efforts, the FEF has also been instrumental in the development of the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI) exercises, used to estimate expenditure increases in South Africa’s higher education institutions and residences. USAf uses HEPI when negotiating subsidy increases with the government.


Mr Hardy Maritz
University of Cape Town
Director: Commercial Development

Deputy Chairperson

Ms Nolwazi Mamorare
University of Johannesburg
Chief Financial Officer

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