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Communities of Practice

Human Resource Directors’ Forum (HRD)

The Human Resources Directors’ (HRD) Forum was established in 2016. In keeping with USAf’s guiding principles for communities of practice, the HRD Forum enables Human Resources (HR) directors working in higher education to collaborate, network and share knowledge on issues of common concern.
The objectives of the Forum are to promote HR practices in South African public universities through:

  • Sharing of information and knowledge resources.
  • Promoting best practices.
  • Collaboration on national and international initiatives.
  • Supporting HR professionals within South African higher education through building collegial relationships and developing capacity.

The HRD is accredited by the South African Board for Personnel Practice (SABPP) and is offered to Human Resource Business Partners and Human Resource Managers at all public universities. Its objective is to develop HR Professionals into HR University Partners who will be able to support and sustain their institutions’ strategic intent.


Ms Susan Robertson
Rhodes University
Director: Human Resources

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