Communities of Practice

Registrars’ Forum

The Registrar’s Office plays a pivotal role in the university’s governance structure. One of the critical challenges facing the higher education system is the varied level of experience between one registrar and the next.

That is why the Registrars’ Forum, as a community of practice, supports registrars by facilitating the sharing of experiences and good practices in the operations of the Registrar’s Office, thereby contributing to capacity development. Through this Forum, registrars and other persons they nominate get to collaborate, network and share knowledge on issues of common interest or concern relating to functions of the Registrar’s Office at South African public universities.

The Forum’s other objectives are to:

  • Develop and recommend strategies for the sector to ensure access and success in the Registrar’s Office, thereby contributing to South Africa’s transformation agenda.
  • Develop, advocate, and share resources needed to advance the capacity and functioning of the Registrar’s Office, especially with regards to using technology and online resources.
  • Foster collaboration and collegial relationships among universities and to
  • Foster collaboration with other like-minded organisations locally and internationally.


Professor Adele Moodly
Rhodes University

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