Communities of Practice

Learning in Practice Community of Practice (LiP CoP)

The Learning in Practice Community of Practice (LiPCoP) was formed to promote and strengthen learning in practice in post-school education and training in South Africa. Members of this establishment have set to do that through:

  • Actively contributing to the review of the current national policy which should include a high-level assessment of its implementation to date and the reasons for difficulties in this regard.
  • Actively contributing to the development of national, time-bound implementation plans for the reviewed policy.
  • Benchmarking, developing, advocating and sharing good practices and relevant information needed to advance learning in practice in universities.
  • Providing a shared, common platform from which to find ways to enhance and facilitate collaboration between and amongst universities, Department of Higher Education and Training and employers.
  • Exploring and making recommendations regarding the transformation of learning in practice in post-school education and training. 
  • Actively contributing to the establishment and activities of networks to ensure that information and common understandings are shared. 
  • Supporting relevant staff members through building collegial relationships and developing capacity.

The LiPCoP works in close relation with USAf’s World of Work Strategy Group (WSG). They provide recommendations for the support of their mission and other relevant details of their core activities to WSG.


Professor Roelien Brink
Tshwane University of Technology
Director: Cooperative Education

Deputy Chairperson

Dr Annie Moletsane
Vaal University of Technology
Director: Student Academic Development Support and Work Integrated Learning

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