Curriculum transformation:

Published On: 31 October 2017|

At its first meeting of the year in 2016, the TLSG identified curriculum transformation as a strategic issue for discussion. Under the theme: “Curriculum transformation in universities: How might Universities SA facilitate and support imaginative and creative initiatives at universities,’’ the TLSG considered curriculum transformation an area where it could make a significant contribution to the sector through studies, convenings and staff development activities via USAf’s Higher Education Leadership and Management (HELM) Programme.

It was therefore decided at the meeting of 21 September 2017, that the TLSG will shape the stream on curriculum transformation that will form part of the proposed annual National USAf Higher Education Conference in early 2019. Furthermore, the multi-year curriculum transformation project funded by the Mellon Foundation and led by Prof Vasu Reddy, Dean of Humanities, University of Pretoria, will provide another platform for the TLSG to engage on this matter. The TLSG will continue to monitor progress on this project and receive an update at its first meeting of 2018.