Guiding Framework for Universities on Reintegrating and/or Managing Currently Outsourced Operations

Published On: 1 November 2016|

Following the FeesMustFall uprising in October 2015, and the students’ and workers’ demand to universities to re-absorb the outsourced catering, cleaning, gardening and security services into universities’ mainstream workforce, the USAf Board of Directors decided in January 2016 that a sector wide approach to this issue was necessary. An Expert Reference Group on Insourcing was established to a) interrogate the various institutional models on the table and their financial implications and risks; b) review the work that was already in progress at some universities; c) assess the desirability of a sector-wide and generic response and, finally, provide universities with a guiding framework and recommendations in this regard.

This Guiding Framework was the product of the Expert Reference Group’s investigation as mandated.

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