Universities South Africa acquires a new Director: Operations and Sector Support

Published On: 2 January 2020|

Dr Linda Meyer is the new Director: Operations and Sector Support at Universities South Africa (USAf). She succeeds Dr Berene Kramer who hung up her hat on 31 December to retire after six years of service. Dr Meyer took up office on 15 January.

She has served in various capacities in the Higher Education Sector and has also held the positions of the Head of Justice College of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development; Chief Director: Corporate Services within the same Department; Commissioner at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and also held various other senior and executive management and consulting positions.

Passionate about youth development and empowerment, Dr Meyer feels that as a representative association of 26 universities, USAf works in a broader context and has a social obligation to assist all youth by contributing to sustainable community development and engagement. This, through supporting universities in fulfilling their core functions of teaching, facilitating learning and research initiatives, knowledge production and capacitation enriched by engaged scholarship and the values of academic citizenship. She also perceives USAf as being uniquely positioned to facilitate closer working relationships with all social partners.

USAf has thus gained a professional with well-rounded experience in stakeholder engagement & advancement; ethics and accountability; strategic leadership and talent management. She is also solidly versed in governance and risk management; business development; information technology & innovation; financial management; procurement; organisational transformation & change management.

Commenting on this new acquisition, Prof Ahmed Bawa, the Chief Executive Officer says one of the core functions of Universities SA is to ensure that the higher education sector is provided continuously with new and fresh ideas about the way in which it relates to society and how it addresses the challenges of transformation. “In addition to being a higher education specialist, Dr Meyer has also worked in government and the not-for-profit sector and therefore brings with her a wealth of experience and sensitivity to the social challenges we face. For these reasons, she demonstrates a suitable fit between the organisation’s goals and human capital. Considering our organisation’s mandate and aspirations and Dr Meyer’s progressive attitude and outlook, I am confident that in her, USAf has acquired someone appropriately predisposed – who will elevate USAf’s Operations and Sector Support to unprecedented levels.”

The new Director: Operations and Sector Support offers her full commitment to advance the interests of all stakeholders, including the USAf Board.