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HESA Response to Council of Higher Education on Undergraduate Curriculum Structure

2 December 2013|

In August 2013, the Council of Higher Education (CHE) released the report of its task team on undergraduate curriculum reform for comment. The CHE requested feedback from individual institutions, which will be used to inform its advise to the Minister of Higher Education and Training on the desirability and implementation of an extended curriculum structure to bring undergraduate curriculum reform.

HESA Comments on Policy on Student Housing

28 June 2013|

Despite a variety of comments on specific aspects of the proposed policy and the associated norms and standards, HESA wishes to express its strong support for a policy and norms andstandards for student housing. HESA believes that this long overdue policy intervention by the Minister of Higher Education and Training and his Department, will play a significant role in improving the quality of support for teaching and learning at universities and should, in the longer run, have a positive effect on student throughput rates.

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